Evan Smith Is Making Realty Shots An Art Form

They come and go so quickly, but it doesn't matter to him. There's something pleasing about the sharp lines of an exposed truss, the grand welcome of a 20-foot ceiling, or the moments being shared within the warm windows of the home on the hill, resting in the twilight.

"I know these might be up one day and gone the next," explains Evan without a hint of protest. "If I can enable others to see what I see, then I've accomplished something. He shifts to the right a few feet, ensuring the exposed brick won't be washed out by the natural light.

The realtors Evan works with often need photography the next day for a new listing. So when he goes on site, there's an intensity about him as his eyes scan the location. "Over there," he indicates. His examination is precise. By the time it's evident what he's after, he's already taken the shots. Evan has planned a viewing experience in his mind, moving from a broad view of the room to the commanding chimney as a focal point. A smile stretches across his chin. He knows he's captured it. This piece will "hang" in the gallery for perhaps a few days, and that's okay.